New Kim Kardashian Swimsuit Pictures

Reality TV personality Kim Kardashian was photographed walking along the beach in a one-piece swimsuit yesterday (Sept 24th 2012) in Miami:

Photos via INFPhoto


  1. Ally Lou says

    I think she is one cheeseburger away from being over weight. Sorry, her thighs are super sized and we all know the buttocks are livin too large! Sorry Kimmie Cakes…

  2. Jerry Z. says

    It’s hard to believe she’s only 30 something and hasn’t had any kids… could you imagine how she’ll look 10 years from now?!! *shudder*

  3. MzNikki says

    She looks like she’s gained weight. Which is probably why she’s covered up. Pretty girl, nonetheless.

  4. Mickey Von Dutch says

    I foresee a Twitter message stating “I am so a size 2!” coming up in three, two, one …

  5. Woww says

    I think is sick that people think that this is too big. She is not size 2 and I don’t think she’ll ever be because of those boobs. She is normal. And that’s okey.

  6. Mint says

    I don’t think it is very attractive, but it is nonetheless normal. Or at least it doesn’t seem unhealthy… I do have to point out she is wearing a very unflattering swimming suit (with a belt that looks mighty uncomfortable). I am not a fan of Kim Kardashian, but I find her size to be alright.

  7. Araisis says

    What has kanye done to her? It has to be him, I mean she was never a size 2 and even though her behind is…(you know what) she looked ok in a swimsuit. Now she just looks self conscious and uncomfortable, that belt has to be killing her, ugh

  8. syrah says

    She’s working (with) what she’s got and I applaud her for not being a stick. I was just about to call her Kimmy Cakes as well, but someone beat me to it. 😉

  9. Nicole says

    I actually believe that Kim is smaller in person than what she looks like in photos. However, that belt is very tight and unflattering. It looks like it’s going to burst.

  10. retrobanana says

    i thinks he looks good but a little bit like princess leia….i never found her chubby as i stated on another site just cartoonishly curvy…i never saw fat when i looked at her…but her body is a shape of its own…

  11. Tia says

    Lol I don’t think Kanye has done anything to her, this is classic Kim. Gold belt, and all. She just looks the same to me!

  12. bitterorange says

    i understand that a lot of people do, but i don’t like this body shape at all! shameful self promoter too!

  13. Rachel says

    It’a funny to me because in some pics she looks trim and fit and other pics she looks bottom heavy. Well, all I know is I’m so tired of her and her family.

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