Rihanna Leaves London

Singer/performer Rihanna was seen arriving at Heathrow Airport in London for a flight out early this morning/late last night:

Photos via SplashNews


  1. says

    I absolutely love her. I never used to, always thought she was trying too hard…but this isn’t that way. This is being effortlessly chic, and she looks amazing. Her body is insane!! I love her, so beautiful. An he reeeeally can rock any hairstyle! I love this one! (ode to the 90’s lol!) but yeah, she has definitely proved herself to me, I’m a Fannie 😉
    I think she’s not seeming like such a mess somehow?

  2. Kristi says

    she always appears to be in some form of “altered state”…her body, especially her stomach looks good/fit…but really, heels with sweats? last picture she looks a bit like Miss J on Tyra’s show…think that’s his name… ; )

  3. MzNikki says

    Her body looks good here. I agree about the sweats and heels combo. Glad she lost the weight from earlier this year and keeping it off.

  4. bianca says

    haha in the second picture from the bottom…she looks like she’s got a body part she shouldn’t have as a woman. 😀

  5. retrobanana says

    yeah the crotch area looks weird but my god her smile is amazing her beauty is out of this world she has model beauty i truly think….i think she looks effortless just because her face is so damn beautiful….sometimes im like her styling is not my fave but she manages to pull it off…best body best face:) music not so much…

  6. toot says

    I think I’m missing a marble or two, if I even have that many. I do have plenty of OCD though, and it won’t let me move on till I figure out Melissa’s comment! I so very much agree with everyone’s comment here, even Melissa’s I’m sure, now help me out.

  7. Araisis says

    Omg Toot, I thought I was going crazy! Lol lol lol lol, then I started laughing so hard when I read your comment. I don’t understand Melissa, I was looking at Rihanna’s shoes for anything lime green, or maybe even some jello somewhere? I am sure I am just tired. Anyway, Rihanna looks amazing…I like the heels with the sweats and I know that makes me weird, but oh well.

  8. syrah says

    love her tummy. i don’t quite get the heals and sweats thing. i guess she didn’t get the memo: it’s just WRONG to leave the house in sweats (unless you’re going straight to the gym, then home).

  9. Melissa says

    Omg haha Re was a typo on my mobile. Are those tibi (the brand) shoes. And “lime green jello” is a line Megan Fox said in jennifers body, jello meaning jealous…haha

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