Susan Lucci At ‘Good Day New York’

Long-time soap star/TV actress Susan Lucci made an appearance on Good Day New York in Manhattan earlier this morning (Sept 6th 2012):

Is it my imagination, or is she looking extremely skinny these days – thinner than usual?

Photos via SplashNews


  1. Kristi says

    she is so unnaturally thin that it makes her head look freakishly huge, and the 80′ hairstyle isn’t helping either!…i’m trying to picture the teeny tiny body hidden under that size xxsmall trench that she is drowning in… : /

  2. Mickey Von Dutch says

    I hope that Manhattan does not have strong winds, because she’s definitely at risk of being blown away.

  3. b says

    This is crazy, but…doesn’t it look like her head was photoshopped on? Not saying it was, but how bizarre does her head look in comparison to her body!

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