Britney Spears Goes Shopping

Here are some pictures of a healthy-looking Britney Spears heading out to do a little shopping in the LA area yesterday (Jan 21st 2013):

Photos via INF

Kim Kardashian Attends The MTV Europe Awards

I try my hardest not to post about the Kardashians here, but sometimes it’s difficult. :) Anyway, here are some pictures of Kim Kardashian – who, according to a tabloid magazine – recently lost 25 pounds (??) at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Frankfurt, Germany yesterday:

Photos via Famous/ACE/INF

There may be a little weight loss, as her overall form looks a bit more slender, but 25 pounds? What do you all think?

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New Kim Kardashian Swimsuit Pictures

Reality TV personality Kim Kardashian was photographed walking along the beach in a one-piece swimsuit yesterday (Sept 24th 2012) in Miami:

Photos via INFPhoto

Nicole Richie Goes To The Salon

Socialite Nicole Richie was spotted leaving the Andy Lecompte salon in Los Angeles yesterday (Sept 4th 2012), carrying some sort of juice with her:

Photos via INFPhoto

Kirstie Alley Leaves The Dance Studio

A much slimmer-looking Kirstie Alley was spotted leaving the Dancing With The Stars rehearsal studio yesterday (Sept 2nd 2012) after a long day of dancing:

Photos via SplashNews

Wow! She looks so much different and healthier than the last time we saw her on this site, when she was 70+ pounds heavier.

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