Star Magazine: Jessica Simpson’s Diet Disaster

Star Magazine Cover-Jessica Simpson

Good old Star Magazine decided to do a cover story about Jessica Simpson’s supposed ‘diet disaster’ in their September 2nd 2013 issue.  I guess they forgot she only gave birth to her second child less than two months ago!

Anyway, the article is claiming that she weighs 178 pounds and is having so much trouble losing the baby weight that she has become ‘a dejected shut-in too embarrassed to leave the house’.  Ouch.  She allegedly can’t stop eating and has constant cravings:

Jessica has been trying to stick to a Weight Watchers PointsPlus program like she did after her first pregnancy, but the junk food lover has found it impossible to conquer her desire for unhealthy food. “Jess tries hard to follow Weight Watchers, but much of the time she isn’t full after the meals,” says her friend, who believes this is when things go downhill.  “She’ll tell herself she can only have one or two fried chicken wings – but once she starts eating them, she’ll gorge on 10 before she stops.”

Quote Source: Star Magazine, 9/2/13 issue

The article goes on to discuss Jessica’s other eating habits, such as pigging out on cupcakes, cookies and brownies, and how she often eats while watching TV.  It also claims she is obsessed with Kim Kardashian’s baby weight loss and that she’s sneakily planning on doing some liposuction and a tummy tuck, among other things, to get rid of her baby weight.

I couldn’t help laughing and rolling my eyes while reading this article, which is likely a bunch of baloney.

What do you all think?

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