Age Gracefully: Celebrity Secrets to Look Your Best at Any Age

Hey everyone! Here is a new article that includes a few celebrity anti-aging tips and diet/exercise information.

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Gorgeous 40-something-year-old celebrities seem to walk the planet as immortals who defy any type of aging process. If anything, it’s as if turning more beautiful and being in better shape is a right of passage for celebrity women who enter their fourth decade. Celebrities such as 42-year-old “Top Chef” host Padma Lakshmi stroll the beach like a goddess and Gwen Stefani graces the stage alongside husband Gavin Rossdale looking like a rock star.

Although we mortals may not have access to all the secrets and tricks that millionaire celebrities rely on to stay radiant, we can adopt anti-aging habits that can help slow down the aging process or rather, maximize our appearance and how we’ll feel when we’re older. Anti-aging tips won’t necessarily prevent the aging process from happening (after all, we’re not God) but you’ll improve your overall wellness in the long-run. When you feel great, you look great at any age.

With Our Body Till The Day We Die

Prolonging the health of our bodies requires ongoing internal and external maintenance. To effectively preserve your body for longevity, you have to commit to exercise and nutrition as a lifestyle. If you’re striving for the youthfulness that 40-something actress Courtney Cox and nearly 50 Australian model Elle Macpherson exude, then honestly living healthfully every day can’t be intermittent.

Mimic the lifestyles of these ageless celebrities:

  • Gwen Stefani: Strength training and cardio for total-body workouts
  • Elle Macpherson: Variety, including biking, surfing, gym workouts and fish oil
  • Marisa Tomei: Hula hooping, dancing and grazing to prevent feeling ravenous
  • Sheryl Crow: Cardio workouts, pilates and P90X mixed with foods full of omega-3 fats

We Only Get One Skin

It’s easy to feel physically invincible until you stop to look in the mirror years and see the damage that took years of carelessness to create. Tanning, sun damage through excessive sun bathing and dehydration all have an effect on the one face we’re given in a lifetime. Foremost, treat your skin well and avoid exposing it to the sun excessively. Then adopt a skin care regimen. Caring for our skin shouldn’t be for just cosmetic purposes. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and to take care of it ensures a lifetime of wellness.

Learning Mental Sharpness

Learning should be a lifelong endeavor. Hollywood superstar Jane Fonda, who is beautifully 40 plus 34 years, is known for exercising her brain to help her stay young. From new experiences and discoveries to reading a wide variety of literature, learning and acquiring more and more knowledge helps your mind stay sharp.

You can support mental health by reading the following influential classics recommended by

  • “One Hundred Years of Solitude” (Gabriel Garca Mrquez)
  • “East of Eden” (John Steinbeck)
  • “Light in August” (William Faulkner)
  • “The Good Earth” (Pearl S. Buck)
  • “Middlemarch” (George Eliot)

Article written by Beth Peterson.


  1. syrah says

    Huh. Interesting. Thanks for going this route Rian, I look forward to more of this.
    I’m a believer in diligent self care — from proper nutrition to sleep to exercise to stress management to sunscreen. I believe we have the power to heal and stay young from the inside out. It’s so simple, yet so hard to TRULY take care of oneself at times, but I believe inner and outer health can be cultivated. If we can cultivate bad habits, we can cultivate good habits! Let’s get to it, what have you done for yourself today??

  2. Tia says

    agreed with syrah, and I’d like to put an emphasis on proper nutrition, sleep, and a little exercise. It goes such a long way!

  3. jenna says

    Great post!

    I couldn’t resist putting my two cents in. I follow a vegan raw food diet (except for when I’m socializing, then I will eat cooked vegan food and some drinks once in a while – you gotta enjoy life!).

    Since following this diet and also including some light exercising, like hiking, yoga, even just fast-paced walking, I have not only felt more energy than I ever had in my life, but I’m frequently mistaken for being in my 20’s & I’m 37 in two months! I’ve also gotten off my thyroid meds for an underactive thyroid. Not too bad :-)
    Sleeping 8 hours a night is also crucial.

  4. syrah says

    jenna, email me if you want to talk Veg. food.
    i’ve been a Vegetarian (fish twice a month, but no dairy) for 22 years and have crazy good energy most all the time. i exercise like a mad-woman and enjoy that fish boost twice a month. . .

  5. Mickey Von Dutch says

    My grandma’s face looked like a road map and people say I look like her.

    “Nature gives you your face at twenty. Life shapes your face at thirty. But the face you have at fifty is the face you have earned.” ~ Coco Chanel.

  6. Joell says

    If you are talking about mental sharpness in this post, why not talk about mental illness? I hear you are quite the expert in this field, Rian.

  7. syrah says

    Update? Did someone say update? Rian, you got us to come back, now you’re ditching us again? I’m gonna cry…..

    • Rian says

      @syrah and others, I promise I did not ditch the site. I’m just having trouble getting content at the moment. This issue should be fixed soon… I appreciate you guys still coming around. :)

  8. NixieKnox says

    Dont take this the wrong way but I dont need to see these types of articles on here. I only come to this site for the photos and the fashion. I agree with the girl who said you got us to come back and now it feels like we are getting ditched again. Cant find material?

  9. Lola says

    Rian prob has a new bf. One of my friend is like that : I see her all the time and whenever she has a new bf she disappears lol

  10. syrah says

    Lola, I used to have friends like that, but that was way back in high school. Do adults really keep doing that??
    Either way, I’m bummed that this site is fading away, yet again. Sigh. : (

  11. J says

    Just so you all know, Rian is sick, she hasn’t abandoned the site on purpose. I know her in person. Things will get back to normal around here as soon as she is back and better.

  12. Mickey Von Dutch says

    Thanks for the update J. Here’s wishing Rian a speedy recovery. *makes Rian some veggie soup*

    • Rian says

      @Cyd, yes, it will.

      @Tula & Mickey Von Dutch and J, thanks!

      Truthfully, I do owe you guys a bit of an explanation. I’ve had a lot of personal issues come up in my life, including illness, but they are things I am not comfortable sharing on the internet, as I am a private person despite all my blogs. However, this site WILL be updated again as soon as things get fully sorted out. (It’s getting there). I’m anticipating updates to start again sometime this month or at the beginning of April. I appreciate those of you who have been patient and still visit. To those who have been leaving snide comments, you need to move on, because if you can’t understand that people (even bloggers) sometimes have serious problems, well, there is nothing I can do to help you!

  13. Snowy says

    I’m with NixiKnox, I don’t visit this site to hear about
    “enlightening” health tips – just photos and fashion, there
    are enough veggie site for the rest of that

  14. Mickey Von Dutch says

    Needless to say, real life issues take precedence over celebrity weight gossip. Please don’t rush through things, Rian. I know from personal experience that unfinished business always comes back to haunt you, so it’s best to deal with it properly the first time around. The hardcore Skinnies will wait for you, of that I’m sure. Here’s wishing you good luck for a bright and prosperous future.

  15. bianca says

    I’ve been coming on this site for years now (but been mostly quiet :P), and I’ll keep coming bk as soon as you’ve got everything sorted out in your private life.
    You always come first, and THEN anything else.
    I wish you all the best, Rian! :)

  16. Frizzy says

    Although I said it was time to find a new site, the truth is this is the only site I want to visit :) get well soon :)

  17. sauce says

    I’ve also been coming for years too…and I keep coming back to check…and will keep doing so! Hope everything is ok for you soon!

  18. b says

    I’ve been coming here for years, too. Sure, it’s a teeny bit disappointing when there are no new posts, but it’s really not a big deal. I appreciate the diversion and I find this site – and the commenters -interesting, but at the end of the day, this doesn’t remotely compare to personal issues and really shouldn’t. It is a blog. Do you and get better! We’ll be here.

  19. Rachel says

    Whoever owns this site doesn’t give a fuck about it anymore. It rarely gets updated.

  20. sauce says

    Isn’t it strange how all the old commenters kept coming back even though they knew the site was closed! I think it’s an addiction I acquired years ago and just couldn’t stop even though it was gone! Then it came back! I remember how crazy some people got about Rian stopping the site, and even though it was sad…it was like…well, that’s life people! People move on, try new things, and also life gets in the way sometimes.

    • Rian says

      Thanks for the kind comments!

      I understand that this article is not something I normally post here, to be honest. I don’t plan to make these kind of articles a daily or even weekly thing. It was simply filler material for when I didn’t have anything else available to post. I know these articles are all over the internet.

      When I resume posting, it will be the regular pictures posts. :)

  21. Emily B says

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  22. b says

    Rian, one of the gossip sites I love has guest bloggers. What if you had guest bloggers while you’re away?

  23. Tee says

    Been coming since ’07, not stopping now! I saw the comments jump from 28 to 42 in the past few days and I thought toot had returned 😛 Take care of whatever you need Rian, love your blogs!

  24. Emma says

    Just my 2 cents: eating food, or even better, fruits that contain a lot of antioxidants also helps in rejuvenating, or anti-aging. Also try to avoid skin-care products that contain more bad ingredients than good ones (avoid alcohol in them, for example, alcohol can extremely dry out your skin).

  25. toot says

    @ Tee-

    Darn tootin’! :) Thanks! I’ve been coming here since 2007 too and will continue to stick my obnoxious prune face in here as long as the Skinny is around! So be around. Some things in life are necessary and this is one of them.

  26. Mickey Von Dutch says

    “Some things in life are necessary and this is one of them.”

    From your fingertips to Rian’s ear, Your Tootness! XO

  27. toot says

    Well, at least I can’t be accused of interrupting people here these days. Rian come back!


    @ Dutchie-

    “My grandma’s face looked like a road map and people say I look like her.”

    Hey! I look like my grandmother too! She was 99 but now she’s dead. (Who wants to turn 100??) People are polite enough not to point it out though. They just stare.

    Nothing wrong with wrinkles anyway. I’ve found them to be a good thing. You can hide stuff in there. Like chocolate, for example. You just have to be careful when out on a hot day. Dead giveaway.

  28. toot says

    Like the time I discreetly put a big handful of M&M’s from one of those gumball machines in my skirt pocket. Quickly, before my in-laws, who had just treated us to dinner AND DESSERT, could see me. Problem was there was a hole in my pocket, and just as they were coming through the door all of a sudden there were M&M’s EVERYWHERE, and I was the only person around. SO humiliating.

    At least I didn’t then go scrambling after them. I went back later. (JK!!!)

  29. Mickey Von Dutch says

    Seems like old times, with the Skinnies one-woman brigade steaming up the thread space in full throttle.

    You take this “anything you say may be held against you” stuff real seriously, don’t ya, mah Tooty Fruity? 😉

  30. toot says

    Well I would rather it NOT be a 1-woman brigade here, that’s for sure! New posts come forth!

    And I’m at least bright enough to know that it is only reasonable to hold the ridiculous things I say against me. Makes perfect sense. But as far as taking things “real seriously,” well, it’s hard to do here. Fashion and weight just aren’t all that important in the grand scheme of things. As long as I can squeeze into a size 000 Vera Wang sheath, that’s all that really matters. 😉 Second to being able to afford one.

    (I don’t even know if there is such a thing but most certainly I’d look “effortlessly gorgeous” in one if there was. On top of looking “good for my age” too. (:o] Old.)

  31. toot says

    Rian help me out here. I’m going to be the death of your wonderful website! And then people will kill me. Even a new photo of KK would be better than nothing. Difficult to squeeze into one post, I know, but still. Okay, Alexa Chung. Not very interesting but she’ll slide in nice and easy.

    And feel free, lack of people here, to hold “Even a new photo of KK would be better than nothing” against me. Pretty outrageous thing to say, and most difficult to squeeze out of me too. (Plink, plink, do you realize what you’re saying??, plink…) But we’re desperate here.

    • Rian says

      @toot, I don’t mind your comments. :)

      To everyone, I am sorry and I know I owe you all an explanation. So here it is: I am finally well again (it took a while there) but now the current issue is that I am having trouble obtaining photos right now to put up on the site. !!!! That is the main problem now – I do not have content. It’s become a problem and I’m not sure when or if it will be resolved. The pictures are too expensive and the site is no longer bringing in nearly enough revenue for me to pay for them, plus server expenses and everything else. I’m searching for a solution, but if I cannot find one, the site will have to sit as-is or come down.

  32. toot says

    No, NOT THAT LAST ONE. Please! But I’m so glad you’re well again. :) Not that last option though.

  33. Mickey Von Dutch says

    If we all spread the word about the Skinny, business could soon pick up again. Um, or am I being hopelessly optimistic?

    • Rian says

      @Mickey Von Dutch, I’m not sure. Business was fine and picking up while I had content being posted most days. But then my health got bad for a time, I stopped posting again, then medical and other bills got overwhelming. Now I can’t post. The only thing that would save the site at this point is a sizable donation. Celeb photos are not cheap!

  34. Mickey Von Dutch says

    Here’s praying an investor will come forward soon, Rian. Meanwhile, I hope you’re doing okay healthwise.

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