Bethanny Frankel Walks Her Dog

Reality TV personality and creator of the ‘SkinnyGirl Cocktail’ Bethenny Frankel was seen taking her dog for a walk in Tribeca earlier today:

Photos via INF

Is it my imagination, or is she looking extremely thin these days?


  1. Di says

    She is very thin, but she is also using all the “dress thin” tips (dark denim, platform shoes, boot-cut jeans etc.). Although, on second thought her dog’s legs do look thicker than her arms.

  2. Jill says

    Maybe she just drinks skinnygirl cocktails all day long and doesn’t eat. Except isn’t there a lot of agave nectar crap in her cocktails? That would cause more bloat. Hmmmmmmmm

  3. JESSICA says

    LOL Di. Poor girl I hope she isn’t starving herself. Although at this point in New York City, land of the tall skinny model, who isn’t?

  4. syrah says

    wow, she’s teeny-tiny, even under all the layers. i’d look like a blimp under all that. . .albeit a buff and in shape blimp.

  5. Jay says

    Definitely thinner than the last time we saw her.

    Just curious, has anyone tried her cocktails? I have, they are great but very strong. Just a small amount will get you wasted quick.

  6. Mickey Von Dutch says

    Bethanny’s granny posture is further proof that being overly skinny ages you prematurely.

  7. toot says

    Cookie!! Woof, arf, bark bark! (We say hello and speak to each other but we do not sniff each other’s bottoms.)

    Oh my…those twigs look like they could snap at any moment! And then Cookie would run off with one of them, wanting to play fetch. With Bethenny and her legless body lying helpless on the sidewalk. Poor Cookie, better find someone else to play with you.

  8. toot says

    @ Jay-

    You LUSH!! I’ve tried the pre-mixed bottles you buy at the store but I didn’t care for the taste of no flavor. And the alcohol content is the same as a glass of wine so you shouldn’t be getting wasted on one cocktail! Are you sure you’re counting correctly? 😉

  9. Erica says

    off topic… but did anyone else notice the phantom hand in the first photo?? On the right? haha…

    and duh. too thin.

  10. kristi says

    haha…phantom hand! creeps you out when you go back to look for it…and there it is…creepy!! I usually like Bethenny’s style…but i think she looks like a tool here for some reason….the pants/shoes don’t work at all together, the belt sucks, and her jackets/scarves all smothering her upper body is just wrong!! she looks close to silly here….and what for taking her dog out to poop?? she looks goofy all around, and remember she’s like 42, this is just weird attire all together!

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